ITEL MPX-S Splitter

Multimode network splitter

MPX-S advertisement area network splitter

ITEL Multimode network splitter

Art. MPX-S Splitter

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MPX-S Multimode network splitter is a device used to differentiate advertisement airing among different areas of the same network.
It can handle up to 16 different areas in a single rack unit device and can accept splitting commands from some of the major commercial radio automation systems.

Using high quality solid state audio switches, allowing for a second redundant power supply to be installed internally and having a passive safety switch which will connect all outputs to the network input in case of internal failure, it is designed for maximum reliability over time.

The front panel LCD allows to monitor the audio level of all inputs and their network/split status, and also shows and records any anomaly occurred during advertisement airing.

An integrated MPX monitor, that can be switched on any output, include a DSP based stereo decoder, an RDS blocks decoder  and a subcarrier meter.

On request, ITEL SNC will make MPX-S compatible with your existing radio automation software.

Audio inputs
MPX Module: 2 Mpx network inputs, 8 Mpx inputs
Input impedance 10Kohm
Output impedance 50 ohm
Solid state switching
Emergency Bypass on input 1

Remote control
Optoisolated inputs on d-sub 25 pin connector
Rj45 Ethernet

Alarms Log
reporting and storage of airing anomalies

MPX Monitor
DSP stereo decoder, visualization of L/R level, headphone output
RDS decoder (PI, PS, RT, DI, MS, TP, TA, AF lists,visualization and filtering of raw RDS data blocks)
Pilot carrier metering
RDS carrier metering

Headphones output
1/4" front panel jack
Output: 100mW RMS over 50 ohm

Power supply
100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Optional redundant power supply

1 rack unit 19"
44mm x 483mm x 156mm