ITEL STL/SAT Changeover

STL/SAT Changeover

Automatic audio change-over system with RDS recoding.

ITEL STL/SAT Changeover

Art. STL/SAT Changeover

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  • GSM Modem
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This unit realizes an automatic audio changeover between a stereo signal coming from a satellite receiver or other source and a MPX composite signal coming from a STL receiver.
Any of the two audio sources can be selected as the main source and the unit will continously monitor its parameters, including audio level, pilot level, PI code
and RDS quality (only audio level monitoring applies to the stereo audio source).
When any of the user-defined alarm thresholds are exceeded on the main source, the unit will switch to the backup source, getting back to the main, once it recovers.

A GSM modem can be fitted internally for remote control and alarms signaling through SMS.

A unique feature of this unit is the capability of suppressing the incoming RDS signal and superimposing a new, internally generated, one or replacing its AF tables only.
In this latter case, all other preexistent dynamic services will pass through the unit unmodified.  

RDS Encoder
Internal time base or automatically locked, using DSP-based PLL and filters, to the external MPX pilot carrier.
0A and 2A blocks
24 user defined PS strings
24 user defined RT strings
AF mode A and mode B with 25 AF tables
RDS subcarrier level injection  2KHz-12KHz

STEREO coder
Crosstalk >60dB
Input sensitivity -10dBm / +15dBm adjustable in 0.5dB steps
Pilot level and phase adjustable from front panel

MPX Input
Impedance 10Kohm
Accepted level 0dBm (2.2Vpp / 775mVRMS)

MPX Output
3 independent buffered outputs
Outputs will be bypassed on MPX input in case of equipment failure
Level 0dBm + 1dB / -3dB adjustable through rear panel trimmer

Remote control and connectivity
GPIO board for switch control and alarms
GSM Modem (optional) for data connection and SMS
Ethernet - TCP/IP

User interface
LCD Display 2 x 20 digit
Keyboard for menu navigation and parameters editing
Indication Led: main channel on air, backup channel on air, alarm, RUN (equipment is functioning properly)

Configuration software
Window XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 compatible

Power supply
100 - 240VAC 50/60Hz

Physical dimensions
1 rack unit 19"
44mm x 483mm x 200mm
Weight 2Kg