Audio Encoder for DAB / DAB+

Professional Audio Encoder for DAB and DAB+ systems

ITEL Audio Encoder for DAB / DAB+


Product available

IdEnc is a DAB / DAB + encoder with analog, digital, AES EBU / AES67 and streaming audio input, it allows the encoding of two audio channels and it can send the coded stream up to 5 different IdMux multiplexers. The high-quality Fraunhofer coding library is available as an option. With IdEnc the broadcaster can directly manage the transmission of SLS and DLS containing text and images from its playout system.

The encoder is installed at the broadcaster headquarters and sends the already encoded stream to the remote multiplexer using the Tcp protocol, thus ensuring robustness and stability even on public transport networks.

The 6-band audio processor specific for DAB + applications is also available as an option, this processor allows you to take advantage of the entire audio band of over 20 KHz available and integrates the loudness control compliant with the ITU-R BS.1770 standard.


Audio inputs
Analog XLR Female Connector
AES-EBU XLR Female connector
AES67 Rj45 Connector
IP Streaming Rj45 Connector

IP Rj45 connector

ISO/MPEG ½ Layer 2 DAB Encoder (EN300401)

Support All Mpeg Data rates

DAB Sampling frequencies
24 and 48 KHz

DAB+ Sampling frequencies
32 and 48 KHz

Webserver for configuration

Sending DLS, SLS, DL+ on PAD embedded in the output EDI Stream

Linking to Multiplexer over TCP protocol with timestamp for synchronization, bidirectional EDI with proprietary tag.

SNMP Protocol for remote control

Dual redundant power supply 230Vac

6 Bands Audio processor with loudness control ITU1770 (optional).